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Seldom does "stuff" make us swoon; we are well past the acquisitive stage of accessorizing our domestic nest. Let me just say that we were transfixed by these most amazing US crafted, musically tuned windchimes. Beautiful to behold, you both hear and feel their sound, which awakens a heightened awareness of the moment and surrounding place. We swooned, became proud owners, then distributors of the product, and now have one of these exquisitely crafted jewels of the garden in each available size. They look pretty magnificent hanging in the majestic Northwest cedar trees at the edge of the garden; come by and see and listen for yourself why we think they are special. 

Shipping costs approximately 10% of the price of the chime. 

We can highly recommend a local tree service to help install the large chimes. Contact us for more details.

View of Contrabass and Pentatonic bass chimes hanging in the Sweetlife Farm entry garden, surrounded by soaring western red cedars and other evergreens, with sedum 'Autumn Joy' at their feet.

windchimes2.jpgCreated by Larry Roark, a musician with a degree in music theory from the University of North Texas and on staff at the Texas Women's University (where our daughter earned her respective bachelors and masters degrees), the chimes fulfilled his goal of creating durable, highly tuned acoustic chimes, which he dubbed "the Stradivarius of windchimes." 

The chimes are made in a range of pitches from soprano to bass in a variety of tonal scales. Our favorite is the pentatonic scale. After Larry was tragically killed in a car accident in 2001, his wife Sarah carried on the business to further his vision of "world peace, one backyard at a time." 

Gardening has long been a form of meditation to me. Hearing and feeling these windchimes as they catch the breezes in my garden stretches each moment into bliss, encouraging me to lean forward into that balance I'm always seeking.

Sweetlife Farm is pleased to be a west coast representative of Music of the Spheres windchimes. We keep our favorites in stock and can have others delivered to your door in about a week. Do visit, to experience for yourself their zen quality. The peace they spread is palpable.

Above left: Pentatonic chimes ranging from tenor on the left to soprano at the right, with the Westminster barely visible in the far view of the photo.

We offer a 5% discount for orders greater than $500, and free shipping for special orders over $400; special orders under $400 add 10% to cover shipping cost. 

The chimes are handcrafted one at a time from aluminum and stainless steel, UV stabilized synthetic thread and polyethylene, and are guaranteed. The windcatchers are detachable. 

The soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor and bass chimes are offered in a variety of tonal scales. We display and keep a small stock of these in the most popular-and our favorite-the Penatonic scale; we're happy to order any of the other scales, which usually arrive within two weeks of being ordered.