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Truth to Power: Change Can't Wait

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Times are tumultuous and the health of our nation, democracy and the people who live here are in a scary state of flux.

It's common for old folks to wax poetically about the good 'ole days. There are lots of great things about the past worth remembering and keeping. Other stuff, not so much, and we don't necessarily agree about which things are worthy of preserving and what should definitely be buried forever. Different points of view deserve to be aired, heard and acted upon in ways that are legal, logical and ethical.

Truth is always a good place to start, and history is nothing if not a good teacher. One-or a bunch of-of old white guys may not be the models of wisdom and mentors worthy of staying in the leadership seats they currently keep warm. It is imperative that we each do our best to peel back the layers of secrecy, gamesmanship, partisan bias and big spending to get to the truth. 

Be present, be involved and be counted. Speak up, speak out, speak truth to power and VOTE. 

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