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The Sweetlife Tipi project



Bob has always wanted to erect a tipi on the property. Our home is filled with Native American art and books; looking out the window at a tipi just felt right to Bob. After years of talking about it (and talking me into the idea), we finally acted on his dream and decided to put up an authentic tipi to enjoy as a seasonal guest room. The winter's project was working out the details of the design, setting and logistics.

On Easter Sunday a group of friends gathered to help us set it up for the first time. It took all morning to get the poles up (they are 26' long) and the covering on. Then it took three of us the rest of the day to figure out how to get the covering just so. Bob and I have been tweaking it and outfitting it ever since. Our friend John Gormley felt the same passion as us about tipis, and traveled from Wenatchee twice to help build a bath hut and then erect the tipi. He and Mary Ellen were the first to "christen" the new Sweetlife tipi guest room and its queen size bed when they came over again for the smudging ceremony to encourage our ancestral spirits to welcome the tipi to Sweetlife Farm.

Our friend Elliott Green documented the raising of the tipi in a series of time-lapse photos. You can see the poles going up here 

and wrangling the covering onto it here 

He and Lynn were the second to overnight in the tipi.....Finally we tried it out ourselves, deemed it ready for prime time, and we have enjoyed guests in it every weekend since we listed it on AirBnB. What a treat to make a dream come true! Go here to reserve it for yourself or special friends https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6521227?

photo by Elliott Green

Bob's dream came true...