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Strawberry Shortcake in a Glass

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It's feeling like summer (sunny, temps in the 70's and 80's; not always the case in "Junuary" in the Pacific Northwest), and the berries are coming on strong. The strawberries start off the season here, and we have been enjoying them on our cereal and in a strawberry pie. I also did a riff on my favorite birthday cake, which is angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. It was a quick, easy dessert to make ahead of time, and a nice presentation for serving to guests. 

I made an angel food cake from scratch. One of my other favorite desserts happens to be a rich custard, made with 8 egg yolks, so I had plenty of egg whites in the freezer awaiting a recipe. Making an angel food cake from scratch is fast and easy. The main thing to remember is to make sure there isn't a trace of yolk in the mixture, and the bowl and beaters are spotlessly clean with no traces of oil. If you aren't inclined to sacrifice that many egg yolks for the sake of the egg whites, a boxed mix is even faster and easier than making it yourself. Let's say you are keeping things really fast and simple:

1 angel food cake either purchased or made from a mix

4 cups fresh strawberries, sliced; reserve a few of the prettiest ones to garnish the top of the dessert

1 jar Sweetlife Farm Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

1 pint heavy whipping cream

Grand Marnier-optional

Warm the jam in the microwave enough to partially liquify it.

Whip the cream just until soft peaks form.  Add the softened jam and stir together until mixed well. If you are so inclined, a jigger of Grand Marnier or the likes would be a nice addition....

Tear the cake into bite sized pieces; gently fold the cake and the sliced strawberries to the whipped cream mixture. 

Spoon into pretty glasses, garnish with a whole berry, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate until serving. 

Note: the quantities are arbitrary. Feel free to adjust amounts and substitute other fresh or previously frozen berries and one of our other berry jams to suit your tastebuds and desired serving size. 


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