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Shaving Scuttle

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Two piece shaving bowl (called a scuttle) turns shaving into a pleasant daily routine. 
Sweetlife conspired with local potter Elena Wendelyn to combine function and form.

When not in use the shave soap (called a "puck") is stored inside.

To use, remove the lid, flip it over and place the puck on the inverted lid. Fill the bottom bowl with hot water and place the inverted lid on top to allow the steam from the hot water in the bowl to warm the puck. This will take a few minutes, and is a good time to take a shower, get some coffee, etc.

When ready to shave, remove the top, dip your brush in the hot water and rub it on the puck to fill the brush with soap.

Empty the water from the bowl and agitate the soap filled brush on the ridges in the bottom of the warm bowl to build a thick, delicious smelling creamy lather the texture of whipped cream. 

Enjoy your shave! Afterwards, preserve your brush and puck by rinsing the brush until no suds remain; rinse off the puck and set it inside the inverted lid to drain.