Rose Petal Hair Rinse

Rose Petal Hair Rinse

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Avoid the chemicals, the high cost, the middle men and the hype!

When I was a kid, stores did not sell hair conditioners. If you had long hair, to get it squeaky, shiny clean and tangle free, you added a spoonful of vinegar to a glass of water and poured it over your hair after shampooing it. 

Sweetlife Hair Rinses are based on the same concept. I infuse fresh rose or lavender petals from the garden (LOTS of them) into natural apple cider vinegar and let them marinate in the sun for a month or more, until the flower scent has thoroughly permeated the vinegar. Then I strain, dilute with distilled water and load it into convenient spray bottles.

The result is similar to the old fashioned method, but less diluted; spraying a liberal amount onto clean wet hair makes it shiny, tangle free and nicely scented. Rinse it out or let it dry in place. The vinegar scent goes away, leaving the light floral scent of lavender or rose.