Hair Care

We Americans have been conditioned to believe it is necessary to buy expensive "hair specific" products with lots of unpronounceable ingredients in order to have beautiful, well behaved locks. If you have fallen for this marketing trap, it might be time to treat your hair and scalp (and the environment) to something natural. Not only will your hair feel supple, silky and shiny, you can pat yourself on the back for avoiding detergents, synthetics, petroleum products and chemicals. 

If you prefer a liquid shampoo, try the super conditioning Rosemary Sandalwood or Mango Orange Shampoo, with aloe vera, Vitamin E, horse chestnut extract, arnica, rosemary and grapeseed. We're pretty sure you will like the results.

On the other hand, if you have an open mind, think about using a Sweetlife soap bar to wash your hair. For years I have shampooed my hair with whichever of my handmade soaps happens to be in my shower at the time, and my hair is happy with the results.