Secret Scent: Spirit

Secret Scent: Spirit

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Roll-on Perfume oils: these are my secret scents made just for you, so you can be known for your own unique, personal scent. They are soft, subtle aromas that whisper an invitation to come a little closer. A tiny amount on pulse points is all you need, since this is all about suggestion, never that overpowering, overused, can't-wait-to-get-off-the-elevator-with you department store perfume.

Our perfume oils are affordable, since I don't believe in price gouging in order to make you think the more you pay the better it smells. 

"Spirit" is the first of my secret scents, and was my own blend for personal use for many years. Enough people asked for it that I finally agreed to share.

Sweet almond oil, fragrance
.3 fl oz