Gentleman's Bath Soak

Gentleman's Bath Soak

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Soothe your body and calm your thoughts while relaxing in the tub with this earthy, herbal soak. It's loaded with epsom salts, sea salt, non greasy MCT (medium chain triglycerides) coconut oil and an essential oil blend guaranteed to relax at the end of a hard day. 

Simply pour it into the tub while it's filling, then take some time to be by yourself for a happy half hour....and we are by no means suggesting it wouldn't be a good idea to share it with your partner. 

Note: We made this with gentlemen in mind, who may prefer an earthy "manly" scent to some of the sweet, floral or fruity concoctions we design with the ladies in mind. The same ladies will love this one too!

net wt 4oz