Sweetlife Bee Bar-Small

Sweetlife Bee Bar-Small

(Excl. 9% tax)

Our solid lotion bars are the perfect no muss, no fuss delivery system for all day moisturizing skin protection. 

Many people are experiencing chapped hands because of rigid handwashing requirements dictated by the pandemic.
First thing: if your hands are chapped and raw, you probably aren't using Sweetlife Soap.
Second thing: our bee bars are the perfect size for tucking in a pocket to rub on after washing your hands, especially after using alcohol based sanitizers. The natural ingredients soften skin and add a protective layer to counteract the scrubbing and/or the drying ingredients of many cleansers....

Warm between palms and massage into hands, feet, arms and legs.

Beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, soy wax, honey scent

small: 0.5 oz

price is for one lotion bar in a 2" diameter metal tin, sized for small pockets and tiny purses. Also nice to put out for overnight guests to take home with them when they leave