Green Creme de Shea

Green Creme de Shea


Our famous Creme de Shea with new ingredients! Select Green Creme de Shea if you have dry or sensitive skin or suffer from redness or acne. 

To make Green Creme de Shea we add hemp seed oil infused with the leaves of cannabis plants high in CBD and low in THC to fair trade shea butter.  The  non-hallucinagenic components of the CBD help the body neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammatory response, and manage breakouts. This is a fancy way of saying that we made a great product even better for your skin!

To use, scoop a tiny amount onto fingers, then smooth gently onto damp skin, to lock in moisture and protect the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of skin and the body’s largest organ, which protects the vital tissues within.

Green Creme de Shea won't make you high, but your skin will definitely glow with gratitude...

This product contains no fillers, additional liquid, preservatives or synthetic products. Unlike most lotions and face creams, which are made with aqueous ingredients requiring a preservative, much less product delivers the same effective protection.

This 2 oz jar will last much longer than traditional face creams and lotions.