Sweetlife Austin

It's official! Moving day is May 28, 2021. The process of moving after 25 years ranks among the top 5 things I would not wish on anyone. Downsizing is both painful and liberating at the same time, but stress--good or bad--is still stress. 

Most of our inventory has been sold; the remainder will move with us to Austin, Texas, but will not be available online, at least for awhile. We honestly don't know how our plans will unfold for continuing some part of the Sweetlife Farm business. The first thing on our agenda is to rest! 

Thank you for your patronage! Once we make a plan, we will post it here and send an email to everyone on the mailing list. If you aren't on it and would like to be included, click on the form to add yourself. For now, the email address will remain the same: info@sweetlifefarm.com.

We send hugs and gratitude to our dear customers, many of whom we consider personal friends as well as great customers.

Nancy and Bob Fortner



Personal Care Provisions

Sweetlife Personal Care Provisions: Affordable Luxury!

Simple, Effective, Handmade 

Sweetlife soaps and natural skincare products pamper, protect and nourish skin and hair (his, hers, and even the dog's): made on site, in small batches. Carefully sourced top quality simple ingredients you can pronounce are used, including some from our own gardens. We pay attention to the packaging as well, with an eye minimizing our environmental footprint.

Sensistive skin? No problem. If you're worried, try a little dab somewhere to see if it makes you itch or break out. Bet it won't.
Read more here about ingredients we use