Bainbridge Brittle

brittle unpackagedPeanut Brittle--NOT! This is our own Cashew and Almond Brittle with a sparky addition of Sweetlife Farm grown rosemary and a sneaky little cayenne kick at the end of the bite.

It goes down really well with or without a martini, and dresses up ice cream when you crunch it up and sprinkle it on top.
We make a lot of it for the holidays, because folks love to give it away; makes a great office or hostess gift. 

Dangerously Delicious:
 Did I mention the little kick at the finish? Not for little kids or the faint of tastebuds....

For you veteran Bainbridge Brittle fans, note the new convenient packaging. We've put it into a heat-sealed, resealable package that stores well and stands up on its own. Easy to throw in a picnic basket, take on a hike or share with friends.

Ingredients: almonds, cashews, brown sugar, butter, herbs, spices

Net wt 16oz