Fennel Salt

Fennel Salt

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A palate-pleasing, bold, lively blend of salt and herbs that spices up soups, meats, and even garlic bread.

Salt blended with both fennel seed and fennel pollen is like taking the fennel seed, sweetening it, and then intensifying it.
Use in place of regular salt in recipes, or add to taste at the table.

Salt, fennel seed, fennel pollen, spices, lavender
4 oz jar with a sifter top

Recent email from a satisfied customer who recently came back for more (the same people who brought fennel salt home from a European trip years ago and told us we needed to add it to our line of seasonings):

"With no power yesterday we decided to cook our little filet mignons for dinner. I used your fennel salt for the first time ...all by itself ...with olive oil on the fillets. I should have videoed David eating his meat last night. every bite was followed by  “I have not had better” .
Honestly, it is the fennel salt.  The meat we enjoy once a month and it is always the same, good but not extraordinary. Thank you for making the diff.
Stay warm.