Salts Peppers Rubs

Sweetlife herbs are the common ingredients in all Dr. Bob's Condiments except for the alder-smoked salts and pepper. 

When infused into fine and coarse sea salts or other blends, the full flavor of the herbs is preserved in each of the inspiring flavor enhancers we make. Sprinkle them onto finished plates, rub onto meats or fish, use them in brines, try them in recipes where you want to add complexity. Check out the Recipe section for recipes and ideas.

Two favorites spend time in our smokehouse, smoked with alder from Sweetlife Farm, to add a smoky accent to your favorite dishes.  Alder Smoked Sea Salt is a mixture of coarse and fine salts. Alder Smoked Black Pepper  is made with whole Tellicherry peppercorns. Tellicherry peppercorns have a complex spicy aroma and mild heat with hints of cedar, flowers and cherries. Each of these favorites make awesome additions to creamy pasta or scrambled eggs, adding an interesting flavor component.

Juniper Rub and Lavender Pepper contain no salt. 

Try out our latest: Seedy Salt!

Use them singly, or mix'em up! Teasing the taste buds with new flavor ideas is a never ending pleasure at Sweetlife Farm. Make it yours too!