Alder-Smoked Olive Oil

Alder-Smoked Olive Oil


California grown arbequina olive oil is smoked in our smokehouse until it is infused with that cooked over the campfire flavor that makes everything you do with it taste like the best grub you ever ate after a long day in the saddle. Cheri Levan, a local caterer extraordinaire, has sent many a customer to our door after serving them her to-die-for grilled salmon drizzled with our smoked olive oil.

Dip it, drizzle it, saute with it, marinate meat and veggies with it. If you like smokey flavor, you will be dreaming up things to do with it! One of my favorites is pairing a few drops of smoked olive oil with a few drops of Tobasco as a topping for oysters on the half shell. Sometimes they never make it to the plate, since they are SO worth slurpping over the sink...just sayin'.

Dark green bottles help deter degradation from light.

Net wt 8.5oz