Gingered Plum Jam

Gingered Plum Jam


Lip-smackin' tart: I swear, this jam makes plums taste even better than fresh off the tree. Melt it and use as a glaze for poached pears, or pair with fresh pear slices and gruyere cheese on crackers. Brighten up a healthy bowl of grains and veggies. Or be a plain Jane and slather it on buttered toast. It has a touch of fresh ginger added for tantalizing complexity. Trust me, you've never loved being so plain.....good.

Our plum tree is a California Plum, which has gorgeous red skins and insides to match. It makes a lovely jam!

Plums, Cane sugar, Pectin, Ginger, Lemon juice

net wt 7.7oz