Habanero Bitters

Habanero Bitters


Made after the urging of two tequila aficionados in Central Washington. BAM! This one is not for wimps, and definitely the rule of one drop at a time should be adhered to, unless you have some kind of brawny bravado macho death wish....

Central Washington Biker Dude Cucumber Habanero Margarita: to equal parts tequila, lemon juice and triple sec add a touch of honey, and a drop (more if you dare) of Habanero Bitters. Pour over ice into a glass that does or doesn't have salt on the rim, add a slice of cucumber and sit back and sip. Probably shouldn't get back on the bike afterwards....

Habanero Bitters add zing to salsas, huevos rancheros, tortilla soup. Go bold: sprinkle over sliced strawberries and drizzle with honey

Habanero peppers, vodka, lime, molasses, chinchona bark, allspice, clove
2 fl oz