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Shaving Provisions 

man-shaving.jpgHead, beard, legs, pits. Sweetlife shave products are made to keep your skin happy, moisturized and free of razor burn and unsightly bumps. 
Whether you are a shaving nerd who is into the daily ritual as cherished time to pamper yourself, or a person who is always on the go, you will enjoy the rich lather, the heady scents and the smooth glide created by our priming oil, variety of soaps and creams, and aftershave tonic. 
Sweetlife products are made with skin soothing ingredients your skin will love. 

We have partnered with friends to offer locally made shaving brushes and shaving scuttles to make the process more efficient and even more pleasant. Even though our soaps, creams, priming oil and aftershave tonic will eventually be used up, these brushes and scuttles will last a lifetime if handled with care, and may be handed down to the next generation....