Lemon Curd Shortbread Tart 8Make this dessert. I'm serious. I don't remember how or when I stumbled upon the Cafe Sucre Farine blog, one of the few that I follow on a regular basis. Chris's recipes are well thought out and accessible for any skill level, and encourage the reader to adapt and substitute. Scott's photos (like the one on the left) make you want to lick your screen. I have made and tinkered with many of the recipes on this blog, using Sweetlife spices and substituting with ingredients on hand. 

I had to give myself permission to make a dessert that requires 3/4lb butter and a lot of eggs, reminding myself that I didn't plan to eat the entire thing alone. In fact, I made dessert to share outside around the firepit with another couple, sitting 6 feet apart, covid-19 style. 

We have identified a small number of friends who are being as cautious as us about avoiding contact with the outside world.  We feel safe spending carefully planned social time with them, one person/couple at a time, and are having conversations about how we will all get through the coming months and maybe years of limited social contact.

Back to the dessert. Bob took one bite, and exclaimed how good it was. After the 3rd bite, he said it is the best dessert he has ever eaten, and says it knocks out the longtime winner of that acclaimed position, held since our 25th wedding anniversary at the Lake Placid Lodge: a bannana souffle for two, brought to the table with a carafe of hot caramel sauce which was poured over the top when served. More about that in another post....

This lemon tart truly melts in your mouth and is perfectly complimented by the raspberry coulis. It is very easy to make and the recipe lends itself to preparation in separate pieces, which worked perfectly into my work day. I made the lemon curd after breakfast, finishing just as Bob came through the back door with a bucket of fresh  picked raspberries.

lemon curd tart with raspberry coulis


Bob grows a lot of berries, which are in season now, so I used fresh raspberries for the coulis, and had enough left over to sprinkle fresh berries over the top. Chris mentioned she likes to use frozen berries for better color, but I'm here to tell you the fresh raspberry coulis has a vivid, carmen redness, perfectly contrasting with the lemon tart in both color and flavor! I threw the raspberry coulis together in 2 minutes, and popped it into the fridge along with the cooled lemon curd. 

The crust went together in about 5 minutes, baked quickly while I made lunch, and cooled while we ate. After lunch it took about 5 more minutes to assemble the tart and I putzed around folding laundry while I waited for it to bake off. 

We loved this dessert, and hugely enjoyed spending a couple of hours with treasured friends. In fact, we are saving the other half of the tart to share with two other friends tomorrow night. It makes me realize how much I have missed one-on-one time with my friends for the last five months!