We have a ritual on Fridays at 6PM, the beginning of the weekend. We call it S&M night (stands for steak and martini, so stay on track here). Friends from our bicycle riding days introduced us to the concept, which we wholeheartedly embraced, along with scores of friends we've shared it with. At the end of a long work week, we enjoy the same easy to make dinner that feels like a reward for jobs well done. We don't eat much red meat, and look forward to sharing a small ribeye steak with oven fries and a tossed green salad. In summer, potatoes are exchanged for corn on the cob. The meal requires minimal prep, and comes together in minutes. 

Once the salad is made, the sides are prepped and the steak is ready for the grill, it is time for the weekly martini.
We prefer Sapphire Gin, and the bottle lives in the freezer (no shaking-ice waters down the flavor!). Glasses are tucked into the freezer next to the gin on Friday afternoons. 

martini clip artThat first potent frosty sip is the absolute best: the weekend has officially begun.

pour icy gin into frosty glasses
add a dash of Cardamom-Saffron Bitters 
garnish with 2 olives or a twist of lemon as you like; we like garlic and jalapeno stuffed or blue cheese stuffed olives

Warning: this ice-cold tasty drink is straight up undiluted alcohol, so if you are a lightweight imbiber like me, pour carefully, and sip, don't guzzle, especially if you are the person in charge of getting dinner on the table...