Oyster Sandwich 1Oysters. You either love 'em or hate 'm. Or maybe you will only eat them after they've been cooked. This post is for oyster lovers!

For perfection on the half shell, simply shuck and drizzle  a couple of drops each of Sweetlife Farm Alder-Smoked Olive Oil and Tobasco Sauce over each oyster. When it's just the two of us, we have been known to stand at the sink and slurp as we shuck....so fine. 

We are charter members of the Puget Sound Restoration Fund  and received an allotment of two dozen fresh oysters yesterday afternoon. In stead of slurping them raw at the sink like the heathens we apparently are, I decided to make oyster po-boys. 

I used this recipe I found on the Food Network, and made half the recipe. We like things spicy, so I added extra Frank's Hot Sauce and extra horseradish to taste to the Spicy Remoulade sauce, and substituted Dr. Bob's Hot Shot for the cayenne and hot paprika. For bread, I used the great sourdough rolls purchased from Costco and stashed in the freezer.  Slather the Remolade Sauce on bread pieces, layer lettuce fresh from the garden, homemade dill pickles (store bought work too of course), fresh sliced tomatoes and more tasty sauce for good measure. This puppy is so big, even Dagwood would have had to cut it in half and open wide!

Who needs steak and martinis on Friday night when you have oyster po-boys! And yes, we both cleaned our plates, and even had broccoli salad on the side. Eating is one of the pleasures self quarantining during a pandemic has not taken away....
Oyster Sandwich 2
Cook's note to locals: check out Suquamish Seafoods  next to the Shell Station on Hwy 305 between Bainbridge and Poulsbo. They are open Thursday-Saturday with VERY fresh fish and shellfish. Get there early, since quantities are limited.