Rhubarb Pineapple PieEating well at home is habit forming! Preparing most of our own meals connects us to the garden, our bodies, our sense of well being, and to others.

Here are Sweetlife recipes that share ways we use our products as ingredients, as well as some shortcuts for keeping cooking fun and easy. 

Eating is of course necessary for survival, and much has been written about how nutrition is connected to health. We value knowing as much as possible where our food comes from, and what it ate. A takeaway of living a long, sweet life is understanding that food is so much more than fuel for the body: it nourishes the soul as well.

If you are new to cooking, the best advice is to fearlessly experiment and taste, and stock up on basics and embellishments that allow you to be both efficient and creative in the kitchen. Don't be afraid to make substitutions and put your own spin on a recipe. Most of the time I am able to create meals at home from ingredients in the cupboard that are tastier, cheaper, healthier and more convenient in time and effort than eating out in a restaurant. 

Savor the sweet life and cook! You are a great cook, even if you don't know it yet....

Satisfy that sweet tooth

Main dishes, appetizers, snacks, sides, embellishments

Hot, cold, with and without adult enhancements