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Preserved Fruits & Berries 


You can't have too much fruit or too many berries. The original plan to grow only what we could eat morphed into finding tasty to save everything we grow for relishing it later..which led to this little cottage business.

If you can't eat it shortly after picking it, savor it later, on toast, in a sandwich, between layers of a cake, or atop your favorite local cheese. Put on your Martha Stewart apron and make a jam tart.

Our jams include the whole berry (seeds and all); jellies are the fruit minus skins and seeds; chutney marries fruit and savory ingredients. 

We grow nine different berries, currants, apples, plums, cherries, table grapes and quince. Bob is a perfectionist, and hovers over his fruit crops, picking only when each piece is perfectly ripe.

Our fruits are preserved with cane sugar and pectin; additional ingredients, like cardamom, are always listed in the title, so you don't have to worry about "hidden" ingredients.