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Oil + Vinegars 

Dip it, Drizzle it, Cook with it.
You'll love what it does to your food. Your guests will be amazed. Foodies, score major points...Check the recipe section for some great ideas.

We love vinegar at our house. Our daughter learned early the pleasure of dousing sauteed greens with vinegar. We like to make our own, and sometimes have enough to share. We're always playing around with flavor combinations. Our latest contribution is Blackberry Balsamic vinegar.

Sweetlife's Apple Cider Vinegar begins the apples we picked from the trees and quietly ferments for months. 

Since the smokehouse was built, lots of stuff has been subjected to smoke infusion. 
We found an Arbequina olive oil from California that won our taste test hands down, and decided to try cold-smoking it over some of our alder wood. If you love a good fruity olive oil, you're sure to appreciate the addition of the sultry smoky flavor imparted by the alder smoke.