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Felted Washcloth Soap 

feltedsoaps.jpg FUN! FUNCTIONAL!


Sweetlife Soaps are hand felted with soft wool roving for an organic, elegant look. Natural sheep colors are embellished with bits that have been hand dyed with natural pigments.

Each is one of a kind, "limited edition." Scent and colors vary, so each person can readily identify their own in the shower or bath. 
The combination of soap and wool function as washcloth and soap all in one, and weigh approximately 5 oz

Kids and adults love these! You can even take them camping, to wash dishes, hair, and yourself; use it as a hacky sack for camp entertainment....

  • Non-slippery grip (nice for kids or arthritic hands!)
  • Soft wool exterior serves as a gentle exfoliant to wash away dead skin cells.
  • Simply wet your washcloth soap and rub up a lather; rinse it off when you're done
  • Air dries quickly between uses
  • Long lasting; eventually a hollow felty remains that can be used as a washcloth or sachet

Fibers from Spinning Awesome Good add delicious colors and sparkle to make our washcloth soaps truly unique!