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Dr. Bob's Tonics

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Product Description

Note Recipes at the bottom of the page..... Dr. Bob's Tonic #: a tastier, healthier alternative to mass produced tonic water, made with natural sweeteners and flavorings. Puts the fun and the flavor back into the venerable gin and tonic Ingredients: purified water, agave syrup, cane sugar, lime juice and zest, lemongrass, chinchona bark (a natural source of quinine). Net wt. 8 oz., enough for about 8 drinks. Dr. Bob's Tonic #2 a fruity-tart, peppy pick-me-up drink enhancer. Not one to stop with a good thing, old Dr. Bob decided to make a second tonic that not only looks good (it boasts a beautiful red color) and tastes great, it adds such a peppy boost of nutrition you could almost convince yourself it's a food group. Tonic #2 showcases the star aronia berry juice (touted to have the highest concentration of antioxidants and Vitamin C of all the berries), harvested from our berries on the bush out back, pressed and concentrated for maximum power. Ingredients: purified water, aronia berry juice, agave syrup, cane sugar, lemon and lime juices, lemongrass, citric acid, herbs, spices and chinchona bark. Net wt. 8 oz., enough for about 8 drinks. Turns out tonic water has been around since the late 1800's in British Colonial India, when it was taken as a medicinal prophylactic to prevent malaria. The Brits added gin (of course they did) and created the cocktail sensation that is a standard bar drink more than a century later. The idea for Dr. Bob's tonics emerged after we read the label on a bottle of tonic water purchased at the grocery store. We were wondering what the heck was in tonic water anyway, since the flavor among the few commercial brands on the market is variable. Lo and behold, the stuff is made with --gasp-- high fructose corn syrup!!!! Not being soda pop drinkers or consumers of packaged foods, we have pretty much sidestepped the hazards of high fructose corn syrup, and are glad of it. The other apparent "given" in grocery store tonic is "artificial flavoring." Seems like the only good thing about high fructose fake flavor commercial tonics is the gin or vodka you add to it. Huh. Takes the fun out of a good gin and tonic for these two food purists (not to be confused with puritans...). A few tryouts with those high end tiny little bottles of artisan tonic water made us think about how we'd prefer to purchase the stuff in a larger quantity, but we don't drink enough at a time to justify opening a liter bottle of a fizzy water that's going to lose its fizz in a day or so. A little research later and Dr. Bob was hard at figuring out how to make a better tonic water. Fast forward to a new fizzy-water maker sitting on the kitchen counter, ready to make sparkling water on the spot, and not one but two Dr. Bob's tonic syrups, all ready to mix with whatever else is sitting around waiting for a good idea. Here are a couple to get you started: Cosmic Sweetlife: combine 1 1/2 oz Bainbridge Legacy Organic Vodka, 3/4 oz triple sec, 1 oz Dr. Bob's Tonic #2 and 1/2 oz fresh lime juice in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, strain into cosmopolitan glass. Wipe the rim with a twist of lemon, then twist the lemon over the drink to release the aromatic oils, and drop the twist into the glass. Dr. Bob's Gin and Tonic: fill a glass with ice; add 1 1/2 oz. Gin (we prefer the local Bainbridge Heritage Doug Fir Gin), 1/2 jigger of Tonic #1 (may increase the amount for more intense flavor); top with sparkling water of choice, stir; garnish with a lime twist for its pleasing aroma and visual pleasure Dr. Bob's Aronialixer: fill a glass with ice; add 1 1/2 oz. Vodka, 1/2 oz of Tonic #2; stir and garnish with a lemon twist Dr. Bob's Aroni-martini: Combine 1 oz. Gin with 1/2 oz. Tonic #2; shake with ice until the mixing glass frosts; strain into martini glass and garnish with a fresh berry

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  1. Best Gin and Tonics! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 7th 2016

    Perfectly balanced for the herbal and aromatic components of gin, this is my go-to tonic now. It's spoiled me, because I can't ever go back to the off-the-shelf "tonic" on the market, or even in most bar wells. This is the top-notch stuff and I can't recommend it highly enough.