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Our studio and the seasonally available Sweetlife Tipi share a 10 acre property with our home and guest house.
The studio is open by appointment and for special events, and the tipi may be reserved for overnight stays. Sweetlife Farm does not have regular "open" hours, and we appreciate a phone call or email to arrange a mutually convenient time for your visit.   

9631 Summer Hill Lane NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

From the Bainbridge ferry: go straight onto Hwy 305 when you get off the ferry. You will go through 3 stoplights and about 3 miles; the 4th light will be at Sportsmans Club Road. Turn left onto Sportsman Club Road. (If you are coming from Poulsbo, Sportsmans Club Road is just after Koura Road. Turn right onto Sportsmans Club.)

Once on Sportsmans Club, immediately turn right onto Wardwell Road. Follow Wardwell as it first turns left, then goes straight for about 1/4 mile. When you arrive at the intersection of Wardwell/Bucsit/McRedmond where Wardwell turns right, DON'T TURN! Go straight up the hill, onto McRedmond, which is a one lane road. Drive up McRedmond to the end, at the top of the hill, and turn left onto Summerhill Lane. There is a sign welcoming you to Sweetlife Farm. We have a loop driveway, with two entrances on the right side of the road. Take the first one, drive past the guesthouse and park anywhere that doesn't block the drive.

Tipi guests, please park in the gravel area closest to the tipi, which is located at the bottom of the drive, past the guest house.

The Sweetlife studio is attached to the garage, across the drive from the main house.

When leaving, continue in the same direction and exit via the second driveway. If parking is not available on the driveway, you may park on Summerhill Road, on the side of the road closest to the house, off the roadway, please!