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Artisan Soap  

fancy-heartswirls.jpgSkin is your body's first line of defense, so it deserves the best you can give it!

Sweetlife soaps have been made and packaged by hand at Bainbridge Island, WA since 2000. 
Our natural soaps for face and body are long lasting and biodegradable, with rich, creamy lather and relaxing aromas. They are filled with natural healing ingredients to keep your skin soft and happy, and are kind to sensitive skin. All my soaps are made with olive, coconut, ricebran, castor oils. They also include either shea, mango or cocoa butter, and special batches might have hempseed, karanja, jojoba, almond, camelina or other oils as well (one time a butcher gave me caribbou tallow!). Some are saponified (turned into soap) with goat, cow or coconut milk, while others are saponified with teas, coffee or herbal infusions. 

I use my own carefully calculated recipes, a traditional "cold process" method of soapmaking, and pure, food grade ingredients, including botanicals from our gardens, and the highest quality fragrances. There are no commercial bases, detergents, foaming agents, preservatives, petrochemicals, pthalates or parabens in Sweetlife Soap-just honest, natural ingredients. The soaps are hand trimmed, and air cured for at least a month before they are wrapped.

Sweetlife soaps are a time consuming labor of love to make, but your skin is worth it!  Treat yourself to the difference Sweetlife Soap makes on your skin, and delight in the creative shapes and packaging that make it a functional gift for you or someone special!