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Thursday, April 08, 2021 Nancy Blog 321

If you are on our mailing list (click on the link at the bottom of this page), you know that after almost 35 years of knitting ourselves into all aspects of life on Bainbridge Island, and 25 years of living on this magical 10 acres, we are making plans to move to Austin, Texas to live near our daughter and son-in-law.

The Sweetlife Farm property will be listed for sale with Eileen Black at John L. Scott Realty on April 16. 

It is most certainly a bittersweet decision to leave. We have built a welcoming homestead with our own hands, created a gathering place for friends, family and community; a thriving home-based business grew out of our passionate interest in living close to and with the land. It is difficult to leave our friends, and everything about this place and community, but we take solace in the knowledge that our memories will always be with us, as we shift gears and embrace new adventures.

We can't take the farm with us, and we are old in years, but we will never stop being "makers." Stay tuned: there may be a next chapter of Dr. Bob's Bitters and Nancy's natural soaps and skincare products--reimagined on a smaller scale. 

Remaining Sweetlife Farm inventory is listed here on our website, and has been selling out quickly since we announced our plans. We have discontinued production and dismantled the commercial kitchen, but will continue to sell remaining product from the upstairs studio until it is gone or we move. 

The Farm Kitchen Bakeryhas taken over the Cocoa Local line, and will continue to make it and offer it for sale. Watch for it on their website and other places that carry Farm Kitchen Bakery's  yummy products.



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