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Wrapped Soaps for Every Day 


Simple, pure Sweetlife Soap is always handmade from scratch in small batches using our own carefully crafted recipes. They will make your skin feel clean, soft and happy, but never dry, even when the bar contains natural exfoliating ingredients like poppy seeds, salt, cornmeal or oatmeal, or detoxifying ingredients such as bamboo charcoal. Every recipe incorporates multiple sources of natural fats, oils and butters; most are saponified with goat milk, some with coconut milk, espresso or teas. 

Colors vary with the batches and my whims, and our soaps have been cured for a month or longer to create a mild, long-lasting, luxurious bar of soap. If you find one you really like, it may be prudent to buy several, since the swirls and colors vary with the batches.

These bars are hand cut rectangular blocks that fit the hand nicely, and weigh 4 oz or more. We shrink wrap them for protection and to keep the scents fresh; they look nice enough to display and/or use as a gift to someone else.