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​Homemade Yogurt



Sweetlife Muesli with homemade yogurt and jamMaking homemade yogurt is easy peasy, thanks to my

Letitia Mattiacci, who shared her not so secret

method….this makes a loose, pourable

yogurt, similar to kefir. We're serving our tipi guests house 

made muesli with yogurt and a dollop of one of our jams or 

jellies for those who like things sweeter....yogurt makes a

great base for fruit smoothies as well!

You will need: 

1 quart pasteurized whole cow or goat milk, preferably

organic (I use only full fat milk, since the process of

removing any or all of the fat also removes many of the

nutrients in the milk)

1 Tbsp Greek style purchased yogurt (this is for the first

batch; after that, use your own yogurt to start the next


Here’s what’s cool. You don’t need any special equipment, 

Sous Vide Yogurtand it is not necessary to scald the milk, since pasteurization removed potential

pathogens before you bought the milk. Simply put your two ingredients

into a clean container, mix it thoroughly to disperse the yogurt, and

then keep it insulated for 8-12 hours at 99 degrees.

Options for getting the temperature to 99 degrees:

  • wrap it in a towel and put it on a heating pad set to low
  • warm the milk gently to 100 degrees before adding the
  • yogurt, then wrap it in a towel and put it in a warm place
  • use a purchased yogurt maker to achieve and maintain the
  • temperature
  • If you have a sous vide ( Santa brought me one last Christmas), you can set the jar in a water
  • bath, and set the sous vide to 99 degrees

    I love to add fresh pressed garlic to yogurt and serve it with vegetable fritters or add it to salad dressing. Finely chopped cucumbers are also a nice addition when using it for a savory sauce