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Special Orders

Yes, we love to do special orders! Whether you are planning a special event like a wedding or birthday party, or you are one of those organized people who likes to get your holiday shopping over and done with, we're here to work with you.

We need a month's notice for soap orders, since our soaps cure at least a month before we think they are perfect for use. The holidays are very busy for us, so if you are thinking of ordering for Christmas or Hannukah, please think about ordering in September to make sure of reverse mortgage kdc supply. We are already well into production for various holiday events by then, so get your orders in early!

Minimum special order is $100. We're glad to accommodate requests for scents, and to the best of our ability, colors. We are happy to work with boutiques and bed and breakfast establishments to create a unique product line that perfectly suits your business needs. We do not do consignment sales.


The Firehouse Chipoltle is to die for. I love a cup on a cool Fall day

- HF Poulsbo