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Carol Rolph Everlasting and Live Botanicals

Carol Rolph, half of the Paulson Farms duo, has been known to plant herbs in dirty tennis shoes she found washed up on the beach. You might think that sounds yucky, but everything Carol touches turns into an artful something people want to take home. It helps that her sunny upbeat disposition and accompanying huge smile make you feel like your mother just gave you a big warm hug and made you want to go hug somebody else.

Seriously, Carol's creative touch blazes in everything she does, whether it's in the garden, kitchen or herding cats (er.. farmers) at the Bainbridge Farmers Market. We're thrilled that she's bringing a gorgeous assortment of everlasting and live botanical wreaths and living herb baskets. She's taking over the greenhouse and will sprinkle her magic throughout the house and grounds for the Sweetlife segment of Christmas in the Country. Get ready to be HAPPY.

Carol Rolph
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Set in Stone Bird Houses

We welcome Steve and his birdhouses made to shelter birds from the Northwest outdoors to Sweetlife this year.  His creations will be in the gazebo and displayed throughout the garden. These are great gifts that keep on giving....

Set In Stone Garden Art is one of a kind Garden Art; each house is a numbered original.The hand-picked stones come from beaches and desert mountains in the US and Baja, Mexico. These houses are intended for real use and have an opening for easy cleaning. No patterns are used and each stone is hand selected so no one will ever have the same house as you. Each house takes 15+ hours to create and is grouted and sealed. These are crafted with high quality standards and will last MANY years.

A personal note from Steve:
Set In Stone Garden Art began through many life altering circumstances.  I have been in the construction field since high school, and have always had a love for building and creating things.  The later part of my construction career, I started a tile business and loved the potential for all the creative possibilities.  On an extended vacation I began collecting rocks and was hooked. On every walk, bike ride, etc. I would end up filling my pockets with interesting rocks.  I began looking forward to where we were headed next wondering what cool rocks I might find there.  Returning home to Washington with about 300 lbs of rocks I collected on our travels, the stage was set.  Next came Open Heart Surgery, when they found I had a genetic Aortic Aneurysm.  Wow, I didn't see that coming.  During the months of recuperation, I kept thinking of those rocks.  Then the first bird house was born and my imagination opened up to a whole new adventure.  I first began looking at this as a hobby, but my imagination has taken over, and this has become my full time career.  I love the door of creative freedom this has opened for me.  I love creating these and hope I will be able to do so for many years to come.  Lord willing.  


 Set in Stone Birdhouses and Garden Art

Steve Allen
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Moondrops Silver Jewelry

Sherry Eckert, Moondrops JewelryFine silver, sterling, stones and found objects.

Leather cuff bracelets recycled from old belts; some will have her signature tags, and all will be a great gift for both women and men.

The popular angel wing charms will be back, along with a full line of handcrafted silver earrings.

Moondrops Jewelry
Sherry Eckert
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Absolutely Lerna's Handmade Origami Boxes

Lerna Eng was first introduced to origami in high school by a Japanese-American classmate,
and that love of folding has continued for more than 40 years. A fabric store class more than 12 years ago altered her perception of origami by introducing fabric in conjunction with box making, and as they say, "The rest was history."

Lerna's innate sense of color, design and artistry can be seen in her one of a kind fabric origami gift boxes. Each is a stand-alone work of art and a gift by itself, as well as a unique way to present a gift.

Lerna has begun delving into a card making technique called "iris folding" which typically uses paper, but Lerna manages to sneak in some stiffened fabric every time. Arrive early and you may be able to score one of Lerna's limited addition iris folded cards.

Presentation is key to extraordinary gift giving and placing even a small surprise in one of Lerna's fabric origami gift boxes, or tucking a heartfelt note into one of her cards will definitely earn you extra points with friends and family members.

Absolutely Lerna's Folded Origami Boxes
Lerna Eng
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Arlene Egan Wearable Art

Arlene Egan's spectacular one-of-a-kind wearable art and accessories for the home are museum quality.

Her pieces are made with hand-dyed yarns and fabrics in luscious jewel tones, intricately crafted with subtle details that reveal themselves upon close inspection, after you are drawn to walk over and just touch them. Words cannot describe the beauty of Arlene's work. Browsing Arlene's collection is a pleasurable experience, and each year her fans are delighted with new evolutions of her work.

Nuno felted scarves 

Felted hats, purses, pincushions, coasters
Felted flower and leaf pins
Knitted wire jewelry

Arlene Egan Wearable Art
Arlene Egan
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Farm Kitchen

Farm Kitchen near Poulsbo celebrates the Holiday season with delicious edible gifts for your family and friends.

Everyone looks forward to Hollis's special Christmas Stollen, a traditional fruit-filled loaf soaked in rum & butter and sealed with powdered sugar. It has been a local favorite for more than 25 years and comes in both gift and family size loaves.

Look for the Farm Kitchen Sampler GiftChristmas Gift Box Box of assorted specialty cookies, Ginger Biscotti, Cranberry Ginger Granola and the Holiday Sampler Gift Box with Christmas Stollen and tasty orbs of Russian Tea Cakes. Available again this season, pick up Cranberry Apple Bread, Ginger Biscotti and Cranberry Ginger Granola and a full assortment of Holiday cookie packs.Teacakes

Farm Kitchen, with its rural setting, fields of veggies and flowers grown by local farmers and the two pet draft horses browsing in the pasture, has become a destination for weddings, office parties, family reunions, annual Gingerbread House Parties (Nov. 30 - Dec. 22). Year-round, its First Saturday of the month farm breakfasts are a community tradition, a gathering place and a great place to meet or make friends over farm-fresh baked goods, Rosemary Apple Sausage and other specialties.

Farm Kitchen
Hollis Fay & Anne Thatcher
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Sweetlife Farm

Nancy & Bob Spoil everyone on your list!

Savor the fruits, berries, honey and botanicals lovingly grown in Sweetlife gardens and incorporated into products produced in our farm kitchen.
Stock up on handmade and homegrown in the form of edible treats and luscious natural soaps and skincare products, all presented in Sweetlife’s signature packaging, ready for truly special gift giving. You will find plenty to choose from here...all handmade, always with an eye on protecting the environment, and always functional.

Stroll the gardens and shop your way from house to gazebo to the Sweetlife studio for beautiful creations offered by the Fortners and other talented artisans who will be sharing Sweetlife Farm for the weekend.

New at Sweetlife Farm: Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly, Bainbridge Bitters, Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar, Burnt Caramel Sauce, Peppermint Pedicure Kit, Pamper Me With Lavender Gift Sets

Browse this website and visit us for tempting treats for pampering yourself and others!


I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a box of Bainbridge Brittle at the Bainbridge Farmers' Market last weekend to bring back to my office and my co-workers. I love it! Especially the spicy kick. I purchased it without knowing how it would taste just to have something to bring back as a thank you to everyone for covering my work while I was out, so I'm extra-glad that it was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you!