How do you say I Love You with soap?

One of my earliest memories is of molding mud pies in whatever castoff containers my mother would let me take outside (this predates plastic throwaway containers). I can still see myself mixing and stirring that dirt, adding water and more dirt, and can feel the satisfaction of unmolding perfect pretend cakes. I wonder if that playtime was the precursor to the lifelong passions of cooking, gardening and this later one of making soap?

Oatmeal Geranium Goatmilk Soap

Jar of Lavender Heart Guest Soaps

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, which got me thinking about hearts as I jumped into the new year’s production schedule, so I’ve been entertaining myself with hearts in the one woman soap factory, a step up from the little mud stove outside my childhood back door. Since the soap kitchen boasts several versions of heart molds, from candy-sized to fit-in-your-palm size, a bit of the first few batches of 2012 soap have gone into heart shaped molds. Really though, you never need an excuse to say “I love you” with soa (http://www NULL.sweetlifefarm NULL.html?page=shop NULL.product_details&flypage=flypage NULL.tpl&product_id=305&category_id=5)p.

Swirled Hearts on Oatmeal Geranium Goatmilk Soap

Some went into a plain slab mold, and I had light-hearted fun swirling entwining hearts/leaves over the top. You can find them individually wrapped here (http://www NULL.sweetlifefarm NULL.php?page=shop NULL.product_details&flypage=flypage NULL.tpl&product_id=302&category_id=23&vmcchk=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=210) and beautifully boxed here (http://www NULL.sweetlifefarm NULL.html?page=shop NULL.product_details&flypage=flypage NULL.tpl&product_id=301&category_id=24).

Heart-felted Washcloth Soaps

I even felted heart soaps, in bold color combos. Find out about felted washcloth soaps here (http://www NULL.sweetlifefarm NULL.html?page=shop NULL.browse&category_id=25). The wool surrounding these has a bit of an exfoliating quality; perhaps one would be a tender gift for someone washing away the remnants of a broken heart…

Chocolate may a traditional way to share loving sentiments; sharing heart soaps is a calorie-free alternative that could have some romantic side effects, should your inclinations and imagination be so inclined. If you know what I mean.

Candy-size soap hearts

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