Anticipating Spring

Life Is Sweet

That new-life promise is ever present at Sweetlife Farm. The baby chicks we started in October have grown up and  given us the first few tiny “maiden” eggs that are a teaser of more good things to come. Bulbs are popping up everywhere, and the first fruit tree is about to burst forth into blossom.

Speaking of blossoming, Poppy, our little Jack Russell, has come into season, and we will take her to be bred in a couple of weeks, so we can look forward to another batch of delightful bundles of joy bouncing around here for most of the summer.

We are busy tidying gardens, pruning and rebuilding raised beds; we greet Brian the mail carrier daily as we await the seed orders carefully selected from among a dozen catalogues that shared our winter days. Despite the cool, damp northwest days, the greenhouse is around 60 degrees, so the first flats of seeds will go onto their heating pads today, in anticipation of a warmer, sunnier spring. Yesterday I noticed the bees taking advantage of a sun break to check out the crocus blossoms that fill the bed in front of the studio and make me smile every time I walk by them.

The Bainbridge Farmers’ Market gets off to an early start this year, and we’re going to brave the weather and show up for opening day, April 9. If you decide to join us, you may be lucky enough to surprise your sweetie with a Sweetlife Easter Basket later in the month. We’re only making a handful of  limited editions, so be forewarned and show up early!

Bob has created another killer-good confection: a dark chocolate/seed bark that’s actually good for you and will leave you lusting after another bite. We haven’t come up with a good name for it yet, and we’d like your help: you will get to taste samples at the first two markets to get your creative taste buds into gear. The winning idea will be announced on April 23rd, and its creator will receive a free package with the new name emblazoned on the front.

Watch for good new things in the ever popular all natural Sweetlife Skincare line. Sweetlife Shampoo Bars will do for your hair what our other soaps do for your skin, and our new Sweetlife Bubble bath Bars will help you relax away the cares of the day.

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