Giving Mom a Bit of Sweetlife

Last Friday a dozen or so third grade Waldorff students came over to make their own Mother’s Day gifts.  I supplied them with bags of lavender and roses I had collected and dried last summer. They patiently stripped dried lavender buds and rose petals away from their stems, and combined them with other dried petals and leaves from the garden and essential oils to make floral bathtub teas for their moms.
Working in groups, they decorated their tea bags with pictures, filled and heat-sealed them, and then each child used colored pens and pencils, scissors, paper cutter, hole punchers and  hot glue guns to make a unique card to accompany the final gift, packaged in handmade organza bags which had been made by my own mom! Despite having to work in close conditions in our little farm kitchen and upstairs studio, the kids were collaborative and mindful of their surroundings. I was impressed with each child’s willingness to stick with every step of the project, and with the detailed care given to making something special for mom. They brought their lunches and we enjoyed exploring the gardens together and collecting eggs from the chicken coop after their project was completed.

What mom wouldn’t treasure a gift of nature whose every detail was made from scratch by loving hands? Enjoy your quiet soaks, moms, and treasure these years…Love, Sweetlife Farm

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