Our Gang at 5 weeks

Maggie, Zeta

Life is lively at Sweetlife Farm! Puppies are rapidly expanding their horizons and into full explore mode. Throw rugs have been picked up to save their fringe and the house looks like a nursery littered with toys. Teeth are sharp and siblings complain loudly when teething gets personal….

Personalities and coats are [...]


Azule Zuniga and Maggie. 4wks

Yarous (the dog whisperer) Guterson and Spanky, chillin' in the morning sun….

Azul Zuniga and Maggie

Yarous Guterson, Elliott Hasselink, Bella, Spanky, Maggie, Dotster

Kids and puppies. Such a treat to watch them connect with one another. Our gang of six has been lucky enough to be visited regularly by friends and [...]