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Our Story

b.n.2.jpgSweetlife Farm took root as a cottage business in 1999 after we first retired from health care jobs and later as booksellers. 
Our business evolved out of passionate pursuits in gardening, cooking and making things. 



We do pretty much everything ourselves (virtue or downfall?), from planning and finishing our house to landscaping the surrounding gardens, growing lots of food, and making every product we sell. These two perfectionists are lucky enough to have the encouragement and volunteer help from Nancy's mom and many friends.

The name Sweetlife Farm reflects our contentment with and commitment to this small slice of paradise. During the eighteen years since our home was completed, we have added a commercial kitchen, a log gazebo to house a wood-fired oven, a greenhouse, chicken coop, smokehouse, a guest house for Nancy's parents, and most recently a tipi! 

Moving into "old age" hasn't slowed us down-much. We enjoy being able to grow, make, and produce as much as possible on our little gentleman's farm. We keep chickens, can, ferment, bake our own bread, and love playing with food. Our gardens produce enough to make products to offer to others; the commercial kitchen and studio are used to make natural soaps and skincare, jams, condiments and lots of other things we enjoy dreaming up. The addition of the tipi is providing an interesting opportunity to meet folks who share similar interests and this place we call home. It's a sweet life.


If we can't raise or produce something ourselves, we work to choose responsible sources whose business practices reflect fair trade practices abd attention to sustainable growing and collection of ingredients. 


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