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"I absolutely love your Secret perfume - have enjoyed it for almost a whole year now and was excited to see you have another one too ... couldn't wait to order again. I work in the Federal Government in Ottawa - and we live in a 100 year old house in a small town 1 1/2 hours away. My husband and I travel a total of 3 hours a day back and forth to work - we have teenage boys at home - lots going on right now and my life right now is pretty zoo-ey ... Whenever I take a moment to pull your perfume out of my purse and apply a few drops it results in a magical moment or two of calm. I think about you there on B Island ... and the surrounding nature ... the images remind me to stop a moment - take some deep breaths of the wonderful scent; say a prayer asking for help to go on ... and then I can dive back into my day again! It's become a little ritual for me! Thank you for sharing the good things of life..." HK